Sparkle Maintenance, Inc. is a professionally owned and managed Contract Cleaning Service Contractor providing Janitorial and Custodial Maintenance Services since 1964.   We are the largest Contract Cleaning Service Contractor headquartered in New Mexico.

Sparkle is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico and operates throughout the state of New Mexico and also in Texas, Colorado and Nevada.

Our contract cleaning experience includes a diverse array of facilities due to our more than almost 60 years of experience which is an advantage to all of our customers….there are very few customer facility needs that we have not dealt with over the years.

Our experience includes office buildings, high security facilities, industrial facilities, healthcare& medical facilities, federal government installations and institutions, high tech manufacturing facilities, private and public schools, call centers,& corporate headquartered facilities.   Sparkle also serves 18 LEED Certified facilities, more than any contract cleaning firm in New Mexico.

Sparkle believes that leadership and training are two of the key reasons for the high quality services that our firm is known for providing. Sparkle has a 50 year track record for uncompromising customer satisfaction and creating clean and safe appearance levels. Sparkle has assembled a Highly Trained and Dedicated Management Team with over 300 years of cumulative experience in the Contract Cleaning and Facility Maintenance Industry. Our alert supervision and oversight of all work performed prevents discrepancies and assures consistency from service to service.

Our cleaning services, materials, supplies, equipment and chemicals comply with the U.S. Green Building Council requirements for LEED certified buildings and specifically the section titled “Indoor Environmental Quality”.

Sparkle Maintenance, Inc. is fully bonded and insured up to $8,000,000.