Sparkle Maintenance, Inc. will:

  • Provide a clean and sanitary environment for our customer.
  • Establish and review our quality objectives for suitability.
  • Ensure the quality of our service through effective training and the continual improvement of our processes.
  • Preserve the business image of our customer by executing professionally, effectively and efficiently.


Night Management Approach:

All Night Area Managers Work 2 – 11 PM for Direct Response / No Pass Down Reports


Permanents Fill-In Floater Crew / Covers for Vacancies

Floor & Carpet Service:

Four (Two Person) Floor & Carpet Crews / High Technical Abilities for Different Surfaces

Classroom Training:

All Employees Receive Certified Classroom Training Before Entering Customer Building

Site Specific Training:

Dedicated Trainers & Manager Assistants Ensure That All Employees Trained for Each Site

Day Time Response:

Prompt Response To: Emergencies, Customer Concerns, Supply Needs